Third GRK 2250/1 Summer School

The GRK 2250 Summer School organized from the 15th to the 19th of June 2020 was a very special event within the project. Firstly, it represents a milestone within the Research Training Group, since the doctoral researchers from the first cohort were short before their defences, while some of them even defended already. Secondly, this Summer School brought together the researchers of two cohorts, i.e., GRK 2250/1 and GRK 2250/2. Finally, this was the first event of this scale which was organized online.

Despite the participants seeing each other only through their screens, the online sessions did not lack intense discussions and interesting presentations by the doctoral researchers and invited experts.

Collective photo of the participants of the GRK 2250 Summer School 2020 (snapshot of the Zoom session)

In the first two days of the summer school, the GRK 2250/1 doctoral researchers presented their works and discussed their progress with the participants.

In the subsequent days, Prof. Joško Ožbolt (Germany), Dr. Alessio Caverzan (Italy), Prof. Christopher Leung (Hong Kong, China) and Prof. Eric Jacques (USA) delivered lectures on experimental and numerical research on fiber reinforced composites subject to impact, blast and fire.

Besides the lectures by experts, the GRK 2250/2 doctoral researchers carried out practical sessions in three different laboratories affiliated to TU Dresden and Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden. Of course, all the safety precautions related to the global pandemics were complied with.

Group photo of the participants of the laboratory sessions

Finally, in the last day of the summer school, the doctoral researchers from the second cohort delivered short presentations on their projects, initial work plans and goals. The event ended with a group discussion, in which the participants shared their thoughts and experience after two months of project duration consisting of online lectures, seminars, team coaching and various presentations.

Participants of the laboratory sessions wearing GRK 2250 corporate T-shirts with the slogan „Impact Resistant“