Fifth GRK 2250/1 Winter Workshop

Although this winter workshop was the first one to be held online and not to include winter activities in its program, the event facilitated a great exchange among the members of GRK 2250/1 and the invited international experts. Additionally to the twelwe doctoral researchers of the second cohort, three associated members could present their research on related topics. The invited experts who greatly contributed to the discussions and provided constructive remarks on the presented works were Prof. Christopher Leung (Hong Kong), Prof. Josko Ozbolt (this time from Croatia), Prof. Alva Peled (Israel) and Prof. Marco di Prisco (Italy). Despite the challenges encountered by the second cohort due to the global pandemic, the doctoral researchers proved a remarkable scientific progress. The workshop ended with a general discussion on topics related to data management, mentoring, curriculum and upcoming joint activities.

Collective photo of the participants of the GRK 2250-1 Winter Workshop 2021 (snapshot of the Zoom session)

Group photo of the workshop participants taken during the Zoom session.