“Today. For tomorrow!” Mentoring Program

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On 19.01.2023, Lena Leicht and Hannah Knobloch had the opportunity to present the research of the GRK 2250 to a group of students from different schools around Dresden. The event took place online.

After introducing the motivation for developing impact protection layers for existing concrete structures, a Questions and Answers session was interactively introduced, on the topics “concrete” and “impact“.

Afterwards, Lena presented real-scale drop tower experiments, conducted at Otto-Mohr Laboratory. She explained the different specimen types and the need for reinforcing layers to improve the impact safety of concrete structures. With the help of videos, she showed how the specifically designed concrete layers on both the impact-facing and rear sides could significantly improve impact safety and protect concrete structures.

Moreover, Hannah explained the importance of numerical simulations to support experimental investigations and better understand the observed experimental behaviour. She concluded with some interesting examples of numerical simulations.

At the end of the presentation, we encouraged the students to ask questions and found a great interest in our research.

Ultimately, the students were encouraged to try out what they learned about impact protection. The challenge consisted in protecting cooked eggs with balloons, paper, and other materials. The goal was to let the eggs drop without cracking the eggshells.

We believe in the importance of showing the students how exciting research is and hope that we encourage some students to engage in research.

By Hannah Knobloch and Lena Leicht

(©Institute of Mechanics and Shell Structures, TU Dresden
(©Institute of Mechanics and Shell Structures, TU Dresden
(©Institute of Mechanics and Shell Structures, TU Dresden