B4 Simulation of the failure of reinforced concrete structures under impact

Doctoral Researcher
Aurel Qinami

Principal Investigator
Michael Kaliske

in cooperation with 
Daniel Balzani

Project poster
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Simulation of a loaded concrete specimen showing crack propagation
© Institute of Structural Analysis

An impact-specific, rate-dependent macroscopic formulation of the microplane model with consideration of the damaged and inelastic material response has to be derived. The dissipative properties are not negligible for the wave propagation in highly dynamically loaded structures.

For a realistic description of the macroscopic structural failure of strengthened concrete structures under impact with an extended microplane model and the discrete implementation of local damage with the eigenerosion approach, a large number of detail developments (material description in impact with microplane model for reinforced concrete and reinforcement layer, effective nonlocal description of extended inelasticity, formulation of eigenerosion for inelasticity) should be taken into account. Moreover, challenges in the combination of the methods (e.g. description of the wave propagation for selected modelling) need to be overcome.

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