First GRK 2250/1 Summer School

The first GRK 2250 Summer School was held between 18th and 22nd of June 2018. The first two days were held in Radebeul, a charming town located in the suburb of Dresden. Radebeul is well-known for its viticulture, being located in one of the northeasternmost areas where wine is grown in the 21st century.

Group Photo of the Participants of the second GRK 2250/1 Summer School in Radebeul

Besides the technical presentations and discussions, the summer school included a cultural program. One of its highlights was the trip from Radebeul to Moritzburg on a steam train along a narrow-gauge railway followed by a walk through Moritzburg and its surroundings.

Group Photo of the Participants of the second GRK 2250/1 Summer School in Moritzburg

The last three days of the summer school were held in the campus of the TU Dresden. The participants visited the main laboratories and facilities, to which the members of the GRK 2250 are affiliated. At their turn, the invited experts gave dedicated lectures on various engineering topics (experimental and numerical) as well as interdisciplinary topics, such as on resilience and sustainability in civil engineering. The invited experts were Prof. Milan Jirasek, Prof. Barzin Mobasher, Assist. Prof. Ravi Ranade, Prof. Koji Sakai, Prof. Flavio de Andrade Silva and Prof. Bert Sluys.

Another highlight of the cultural program consisted in a boat tour on the Elbe river to Pillnitz and back to Dresden Historic Center. The participants enjoyed not only the warm and friendly atmosphere but also the nice weather and the beautiful surroundings.

Lab tour of the second GRK 2250/1 participants in the Otto-Mohr lab
Group photo of the participants of the second GRK 2250/1 summer school during an Elbe river cruise